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[Awesome] 7 language facts that will blow your mind!

The future of how we'll interact provides heated arguments-- here's our take if you wonder-- however whatever it is, let's take a minute to value the astonishing variety and individuality of the almost 7000 languages spoken by people.

Here are 7 language realities that will blow your mind:

Language Facts

1. Basque is a secret language

The language spoken by around 700,000 individuals in the Basque Country, a little area south of France coming from Spain, is unassociated and so distinct to any other language that professionals aren't even sure where it originates from. It's believed to be so old it precedes all other European languages.

2. There's a language with just 12 letters

Individuals on the island of Bougainville, near Papua New Guinea, speak a language with just 12 letters in it, so I envision it isn't a great deal of enjoyable for them to play Scrabble (or maybe it's simply actually simple).

3. Scrabble letter circulation is completely various in-between languages

Mentioning Scrabble, tile circulation in global variations of the parlor game inform us a lot about how those languages run: for instance, in Poland, the 5th most typical tile is Z, while in Finnish the 3rd most typical tiles are T and N.

Meanwhile, in Catalan and Slovenian, E is the tile you'll discover the most-- the like in the initial English variation.

4. Many languages vs the majority of words

Papua New Guinea is the nation with the most languages, at 840. The English language has the most at around 750,000 (with brand-new ones included each week).

5. The United States has no main language

In spite of English being the mother tongue of lots of Americans-- not to mention the language of service, media, and politics-- it isn't really the main language of the United States. Why? Since there isn't one: regardless of being the dominant language considering that the continent was colonized in the 1600s, it was never ever lawfully stated the nationwide language.

6. English and French are all over

English is taught in every nation worldwide-- however, did you understand that French is likewise taught in every nation? Regardless of this, Mandarin Chinese is the world's most spoken language. Take that, English and French!

7. There's a word for 'twin speak'

In some cases, twins speak their own fabricated language, specifically when young, and there's a real word for this-- it's called cryptophasia, which completely seems like a Halloween amusement park flight.

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