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[SHOCKING] What is the Difference Between Dutch and Flemish?

What's the distinction between Dutch and Flemish? In this post, we'll describe the distinctions and how they can impact your translation jobs.

Did she speak Dutch and Belgian then? Audrey spoke Dutch, with a Dutch accent.

Belgium has 3 main languages: Dutch, French, and German. In Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, individuals speak Dutch. The majority of the time, this variation of Dutch is called Flemish.

Exists a distinction between Dutch and Flemish?

In theory, there is none. There is no such thing as the Flemish language or dialect, and there is nobody general dialect spoken in Belgium or the Netherlands.

Generic Dutch (Algemeen Nederlands) is the basic language in both the Netherlands and Flanders. As a matter of truth, basic Dutch grammar and spelling are chosen by the Nederlandse Taalunie (Dutch Language Union, DLU) throughout the states of Belgium, the Netherlands, and, given that 2004, Surinam.

If we think about literature, the very best understood literary rewards - like for example the ECI Literatuurprijs - awards Flemish and Dutch authors. The jury is independent, and its members are from both Flanders and the Netherlands.

Tv has actually likewise played a substantial function in the education of Generic Dutch. While the 2 nations' channels have their own extremely unique shows, Dutch and Flemish public broadcasters typically attempt to work together, airing language programs like for circumstances "Het Groot Dictee der Nederlandse Taal", where lots of individuals in the studio and at house listen to a recognized gentleman or woman who determines an extremely complicated text.

Do individuals from Belgium and the Netherlands comprehend each other?

Dutch is spoken in these 2 nearby nations, however, given that they have various primary religious beliefs, various historic backgrounds, and for that reason various methods to politics and official organizations, it goes without stating that there are numerous distinctions in vocabulary.

While the Dutch may utilize loanwords like maréchaussée (military authorities) from French, überhaupt (after all) from German, or recyclen (recycle) from English, the Flemish will less quickly do so.

This is due to the truth that throughout the 19th century and till the very first 50-60 years of the 20th century, French was thought about as the 'high' language version and Dutch as the 'low' one in Belgium. As a repercussion, Dutch was missing from main life even though it was being spoken by half of the population.

Often the syntax can even be various, for instance, the Dutch state "huge en zeker", and the Flemish turn that around. In Flanders they state "animals en plants", the Dutch choose to state "plants en animals".

The primary distinction that you can discover is in the pronunciation. It is extremely simple for Dutch speakers to identify whether an individual is from Flanders or from the Netherlands.

How do I manage a Dutch translation?

Here are a couple of pointers that you can follow when it pertains to handling your translations into Dutch:

1. What kind of file is going to be equated?

When equating technical documents, you will be simply great with one Dutch translation and do not require to fret whether the expert translation was done by a Dutch or a Flemish individual. Even for your marketing products, you can go with simply one Dutch translation, however, make sure to plainly determine and notify your translation business about the target audience so that they can pick the most ideal translators for your job.

2. Translation or transcreation?

In case you are taking on both the Flemish and Dutch markets, you may require to think about resolving the 2 various audiences in 2 various methods. It is likewise essential to think about the SEO element of your transcreation because the keywords utilized by your target audience might vary.

3. What about voiceovers?

Go over the objective of your video and your target market with your translation service provider. They will inform you whether a voice-over in plain Dutch is a good idea or not. Take an appearance at this video if you'd like to hear a fight between Flemish and Dutch Disney voices!

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