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What Languages Are Spoken In Malawi?

Of the numerous languages spoken, English is the main language of Malawi while Chichewa is the nationwide language. English is more typically a 2nd language and stays an essential language in the nation due to the nation's history as a British nest.

Chichewa: National Language Of Malawi

Chichewa likewise was understood as Chinyanja, Chewa or Nyanja is the native language of about half of Malawi's population and is the nation's main language. At present, Chichewa is the most typical language spoken in Malawi mainly in the main and southern areas of the nation.

English: Official Language Of Malawi

Being the main language of Malawi, English was initially presented to the nation towards the end of the 19th century. English is likewise the language that trainees in global schools are taught in, while in federal government schools they discover it as a 2nd language.


The Yao which is a Bantu language in Africa makes up of around 2 million speakers in Malawi. Mangoche is the language's primary dialect which is primarily spoken in the areas of Lake Malawi.


Understood as Citumbuka, Chitumbuka, or Tumbuka is amongst the native languages spoken in Malawi primarily in the nation's Northern Region. Tumbuka lost its status as the nation's main language following the one country, one language policy executed because 1968 by previous Malawian president Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Other Languages Spoken In Malawi.

Malawi, unlike numerous African nations that have hundreds of languages, has about 16 living languages. The other living languages in the nation consist of the Malawian Lomwe that have 850 speakers primarily living in southeastern areas of the nation, the Nyakyusa-Ngonde language having about 300,000 speakers mainly living in areas around the north end of Lake Malawi.

Other languages consist of Malawian Sena with 270,000 speakers living in the south and the Tonga language with an approximated 170,000 speakers primarily living in the Nkhata Bay District, on the coasts of Lake Malawi.

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